Plucking roller PDA01
Length of working surface: 80 mm. Number of plucker fin...
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Heating plate for chicks N4055
Size: 40*55 cm. Power: 50 W....
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Heating plate for chicks N3040
Size: 30*40 cm. Power: 30 W....
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Heating plate for chicks N2525
Size: 25*25 cm. Power: 15 W....
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Who Ouzhan international are?
We are Ouzhan, an international company which produces agriculture machinery and farming equipment. Our goal is to facilitate the production process for farmers by creating the most efficient farming experience. Our strongly interconnected network of partners allows us to deliver to you the Best Quality for the Best Price. This is why we call our solutions: Smart Farming Solutions. With a portfolio of over 500 different agricultural equipment and farming products, such as, pellet machine or feed crusher, we are oriented towards meeting any of your needs, by offering you:
- Increased agricultural performance;
- High quality for the best price on the market;
- High Rentability & fewer Losses;
- A great variety of farming equipment;
- Technical Support during usage;
- Spare parts available for replacement ;
- No transportation hassle.
Choose Ouzhan, choose Smart Farming Solution!
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Screw fruit press BSP-20S
Manual type. Basket volume: 20 L...
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Electric food dehydrator FD04D
Power: 500 W. Number of trays: 6....
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Infrared heat bulb IF11
Power: 25/50/75/100/150/200 W...
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