Feed crushers and mills
Feed crusher EUROMILL-50P
Equipped with motor 1.3 kW/19000 rpm. Bucket volume: 50L.

Model EUROMILL designed for grinding small quantity of flours for feeding chickens, cows or pigs. Due to powerful motor and good construction, mill can be used for alimentary purposes: can grind sugar, salt or others granular products.


Technical description:

- on/off button

- motor power: 1.3 kW

- rotation speed: 19000 rpm

-  voltage: 220 V

- thermal protection for motor

- Screens hole size: equipped with screens with holes 2 - 4 - 5 - 7 mm (other sizes on request)

- material: hopper, housing and bucket for the milled products are made of high-quality plastic.

- bucket volume: 50 L

- capacity: 70-100 kg / h (fine milling), 200-300 kg / h (coarse milling)

- packing: carton box