Polycarbonate Greenhouse PG632
Size: 6*3*2 m.

The greenhouse is made of strong steel construction of hot-dip galvanized square profile 30x30 mm. The width of the greenhouse is 3 meters, the height is 2 meters, and the length starts from 4 meters and increases by 2 meters.

The construction of the greenhouse consists of whole cold-bent arcs located at a distance of 1 m from each other, 5 pieces of transverse beams to connect the arcs to each other, front panels on both sides of the greenhouse in which the doors are built. Each door has a window for better ventilation.

The cover of the greenhouse is made of high-quality polycarbonate with UV protection and a thickness of 4 mm. The double walls of the polycarbonate perfectly insulate the greenhouse and create an optimal climate for the plants during the colder months. Polycarbonate's UV protection prevents UV rays from reaching the plants, thus protecting them and allowing them to grow faster.

The greenhouses are extremely strong and have proven to be easy to install and operate. The high-quality materials - galvanized steel and polycarbonate with UV protection will guarantee you many years of trouble-free use of the Ouzhan greenhouse.