Egg incubator DZE-63A
Number of Eggs (Chicken): 63

Incubator automatically creates an artificial ideal environment ensuring microclimate for poultry breeding. Easy to clean and disinfect plastic case. The fully automatic process of controlling temperature, humidity and timely turning of the egg guarantees you a high percentage of hatched chicks. To create moisture, need to add water. Using digital control, the incubator is programmed to the desired temperature and humidity during the incubation period.



- quantity of eggs: 63

- quantity of quail eggs: 63

- suitable for eggs: goose, chicken, turkey, quail, guinea fowl

- voltage: 220 V

- moisture meter: Yes

- thermometer: Yes


Standard set:

- automatic incubator: 1 pcs

- egg tray: 1 pcs

- plastic grill: 1 pcs

- operation manual: 1 pcs

- power cord: 1 pcs

- packing box: 1 pcs