Egg incubator EU PROFI C-24
Number of Eggs (Chicken/Duck): 24.
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If you are looking for an incubator that is easy to use, without always worrying about temperature or humidity fluctuation, the EU PROFI C-24 egg incubator is just designed for this! This model is suitable for eggs: chicken, ducks, goose.

Advanced Temperature control program
This incubator use an advanced “Temperature Tracking and Prediction” technology, which can continuously tracking and recording the temperature changes 3 times per second, then based on this data to predict the temperature trend and make prompt adjustments to heating system in advance to offset possible temperature fluctuation, this can bring a much more stable temperature for your eggs and thus improves hatch rate.

Easy Humidity Monitor and Control
Directly fill water into external water top-up, which is much more convenient and can highly reduce the humidity fluctuation. Also, it can display humidity level, so you can clearly monitor humidity level at any time.

Automatic egg turner with auto-stop
Every 60 minutes, the automatic egg turner will gently tilting the eggs from one side to the other side. Also, it has a built-in timer to help you keep tracking the days, so you can clearly know how many days left. Furthermore, it will help you automatically stop turning eggs 3 days before hatch day to avoid excess turning to your eggs.

Egg Candler
With using built-in LED egg Candler, you can easily observe the development of the eggs, to track and monitor if eggs are developing correctly.

- quantity of chicken/duck eggs: 24
- quantity of goose eggs: 16
- voltage: 120V/220V AC